Foundation Object-Oriented Programming 201 syllabus is taught on the following programmes:

  • B.Sc. (Ord.) Computing (Software Development) Year 2
  • B.Sc. (Ord.) Computing (Web Development & Creative Media) Year 2
  • B.Sc. (Ord.) Computing (Games Development) Year 2

It follows on work done in Introduction to Programming 1 Using C# and Introduction to Programming 2 Using C#. The focus is exclusively on C# and the .NET framework. Foundation Object-Oriented Programming 202 continues this work in Semester 4 and Rich Application Development 301 and 302 follow in the 3rd year.

Recommended textbooks

Pro WPF, Apress, 2008
Pro WPF provides very comprehensive coverage of all aspects of WPF. It does not deal with C#.

Murach Press
An excellent book on C# at this level is Joel Murach's book Murach's C# 2010. It is current with developments in .NET 4.0 and works well for those not too confident with C#. Murach's approach is unique presenting topics example by example in a very clear layout.

Programmers Heaven

Programmers' Heaven free ebook is a first class resource for C#. There are other resources at this site (C# School) that are suited to beginners. Do note that this book however covers only some aspects of .NET 2.0. Beware of this issue since many resources on the web on C# target .NET 1.1 or earlier whereas many new changes in 2.0 render earlier material obsolete.